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puzzle_quest's Journal

Puzzle Quest Addicts
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Puzzle Quest
Hello, and welcome to puzzle_quest!

Now, you're probably asking yourself ... "Self, what purpose does this place serve?" I never thought you'd ask!

What puzzle_quest is:
- A place to discuss Puzzle Quest in all its versions.
- A place to share strategies for building characters or finishing quests.
- ... discuss Puzzle Quest in general.

Q: Wait ... What the hell is "Puzzle Quest"?
A: It's the bastard child of Bejeweled and chess with some RPG fun sprinkled on top.

What puzzle_quest is NOT:
- A place to flame people.
- A place to troll people.
- A "DS vs PSP" discussion base.
- A crapping ground for that awesome video on YouTube ... unless it's a PQ video.
- A crapping ground for anything else ... unless it's got something to do with PQ. :)

Just remember -- When you post something, you must ask yourself this uncomfortable question: If you were to read your own comment, would you find it interesting, be informed, or just be annoyed?

Try not to be annoyed. :)